GLO is a unique, retreat home, "self-care centre" focused on a body, mind, spirit educational experience for your best life. Located in tranquil Asseredores, Northern Nicaragua, our unique, creative, & health conscious retreats (private or group) are designed for stress reduction, health rejuvenation, & life recalibration with a customized educational component. The GLO Self-Care Program includes a freshfood, local, anti-inflammatory menu, different types of yoga suited for your body, meditation practice, outdoor fitness, life coaching, sound therapy, Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic treatments, daily earthing, and community support with a team of professionals who are attentive to your health requirements. We customize your self-care retreat package together so that you have a schedule (and price) that suits your needs. TEAM GLO is always knowledgable, professional, supportive, and inspiring. We are here to support you as you reclaim your health....and life. 

GLO is a simple, hip, safe, ALCOHOL-FREE space where you can connect with like-minded people interested in authentic, truthful living. (The conversations here are never fake or boring!) Since opening in February 2017 we have also facilitated retreats for Sober Living, Anxiety, Digestive Issues, IBS, Chron’s, Quitting Smoking, WeightLoss, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Sport Specific Training Camps, Yoga, Surf, Life Coaching, Business, Holistic Beauty, and more.

Everyone always leaves here GLO-ing, rejuvenated, inspired, empowered, and filled with funny, adventurous memories (plus Gracious Living Lifestyle Recipe Books).

Don’t see a retreat listed on the day you want to come? Not to worry! We are always open based on a daily rate that is dependent on your goals for your self-care vacation experience. Please message us for preferred dates.


GLO is a simple, 1-acre, private retreat home location (sleeping 6-10 people) focused on healing through fresh, local plantbased foods, yoga, movement, de-stressing in nature, and making real friendships. It features a main club house with a full kitchen for all nutrition classes, a private yoga rancho & workout deck which also doubles as the community dining area for retreat guests. For guests we offer a simple, clean three bedroom cottage that sleeps 2 to a room, complete with:

• 3 secured rooms with ceiling fans and individual bed fans

• A shared shower for 2 rooms; Master room has own private shower

• 6 beds (2 singles, 4 doubles)

• Private washrooms complete sink, toilet and running non-heated water

• Tiled floors

• Bedding / linens

• Filtered Colloidal Silver Infused water, Berkey (bacteria & virus-free) filtered water

• Unlimited herbal detox tea

We also have several options for additional VIP lodging available for up to 6 people. 

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*Fly into Managua, Nicaragua airport. We will send one of our reliable GLO drivers to pick you up and drive you right to our private location. The drive is 3 hours (depending on traffic) and well worth the wait.


Grace Van Berkum, founder of internationally known Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreats, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Certified Personal Trainer. Known for anti-inflammatory, holistic healing, plantbased nutrition plans, wellness retreats, and chef training, Grace plans, manages and teaches Private and Group Retreats based on a Level 1-5 Cell Health system. Hundreds of her recipes and photos can be found in international magazines, websites and sponsor sites around the world. She has 3 RAW HEALING

recipe books found on her personal website (raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free) focused on disease prevention and healing. Since 2006, Grace has helped thousands of clients transform their health and re-direct their futures with her lifestyle knowledge and loving support. She has helped many people heal from cancer, including her father.


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GLO and it's founder Grace van Berkum have been featured in publications around the world! Here are a few ...



The mission of Gracious Living Lifestyle & Oasis (GLO) is to teach you how to care for your SELF from a body, mind, spirit perspective, so you can live your most energetic and happiest life possible.


We are dedicated to spreading the message of healing, plantbased, live nutrition and crucial self-love by teaching people how to eat and live with awareness.

Let GLO help you design your ultimate healing retreat experience.

Our GLO “Cellular Nutrition” Level 1-7  menu has been specifically designed to shift the body and mind from food cravings & sugar addictions.

GLO Superfood + Fresh Food Meals are all geared towards balancing your body and hormonal system, reducing inflammation, improving digestion & elimination, releasing toxins, and improving weight, all while satisfying your taste buds in delicious and creative ways.


Team GLO will choose the appropriate Cell Health Menu for you based on your level, the health of your body, and your goals, prior to your arrival.

**NO refined sugar, no chemicals, no gluten, no wheat, no soy, no animals, is ever used in our GLO superfood, vegan kitchen.


Team GLO is here to provide you with the best nutrition & lifestyle support & coaching.


The GLO Self-Care Centre also focuses on the 4 gracious E’s:

  GLO  Life:
• Experience 
• Education 
• Empowerment 
• Enlightenment

Our GLO Team will add to your retreat experience to ensure that your needs are met and that you have a smooth, relaxing execution of your healthy vacation experience.


GLO is authentic and dedicated. We believe 100% in what we do and we stand behind our work and facility with integrity and passion. 

We also believe in joyful living as a very important aspect of ultimate health so we make healthy living and your experience with us as fun as possible.


Nov 22- Dec 7, 2020 • GLO + IHN Wellpreneur Business Retreats (2 dates)


Nov 22-29, 2020 + Nov 30-Dec 7, 2020.
Exclusive Coaching Week for IHN Graduating Students on Hosting Your Own Nutrition, Yoga, Healthy Lifestyle, Wellness + Detox Retreats
Exclusive Coaching Week for IHN Graduating Students on Hosting Your Own Nutrition, Yoga, Lifestyle, Detox Retreats
Open to October 2020 and April 2020 graduating students! Apply/Book By: March 31, 2019 Week: AUGUST 4-11, 2020 or AUGUST 13-20, 2020 or AUGUST 22-29, 2020
Location: Gracious Living Oasis, Nicaragua To Apply: Email your interest directly to Grace Van Berkum at
Join a Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreat week within Aug 2019 in beautiful, adventurous Northern Nicaragua! This is an IHN exclusive for graduating students who want an educational, restorative and hands-on retreat work immersion. Participants would also have the opportunity to be considered for working with Grace in her new resort and hosting your own retreats on her property. She would act as a guide, for those who have taken this week coaching/work/Co-op, and help you with your first effort when holding the retreat at her new facility.
Each Co-op week is limited to 6 participants.
Learn how to be successful at your health business, and more specifically how to facilitate your own successful, international retreats. Grace has masterminded and taught 100+ retreats in the last seven years, all around the world, focused on healing the body with clean, local, fresh plant-based foods, yoga, meditation, fitness practices, as well as the importance of spending time in nature.
She will be guiding and mentoring each graduating student through a retreat week setting to experience her schedule and formula for retreat success, while experiencing daily workshops and discussions on running your own successful business.
The menu will consist of clean, local, fresh, tropical PLANTBASED FOODS & HERBS. This is a vegan experience designed to reduce inflammation as fast as possible. Co-op students will participate in the food preparation and be required to educate the other guests on the nutritional benefits of the meals along with Grace.
Topics to be discussed through the entire week:
• How to set your retreat programs apart from the rest
• Developing (unique yet well tested) retreat schedules
• Creating the most relevant retreat themes based on your expertise and vision
• How to source retreat locations, anywhere in the world
• Finding your voice, building your brand and giving your retreats a distinct character and client experience
• Menu planning and nutrition classes for your students/clients (how to source local foods/supplements in different parts of the world)
• How to deal with food allergies, likes and dislikes, in your planning
• Familiarizing yourself with the local landscape to offer add-ons to your students/clients
• Individual business and retreat goals
• Client personalities and how to deal with them effectively both individually and within the group
• Safety and respect for your guests
• How to create a strong online presence for your business
• Marketing and social media to sell your retreats/programs
• Importance of networking and cross-promotion (leveraging)
• Working with other practitioners to create retreats with two or more facilitators
• Things you can bring with you from Canada vs things you have to purchase when you have landed at your destination
• Restrictions, barriers, insurance, licenses, overcoming travel challenges and more!
• How to put it all together and price out the value of your retreat
• All retreat considerations that Grace goes through to develop her own programs will be discussed!
• Retreat summary notes & links included in followup emails with Grace before departure date
Investment: The cost developed for IHN graduating students is $1100.00* US all-inclusive (flights not included) per person, which includes accommodations, 2 hour workshops on the content listed above per day, 1 yoga class or beach workout per day, 3 complete Gracious Living VEGAN meals per day prepared by Grace.

It does NOT include surf lessons, adventure activities, city trips, alcohol, extra food outside of GLO, flights, or airport shuttle. Grace will help sort out flights to the nearest airport and transportation to Gracious Living Oasis (GLO). The group will split the shuttle to Gracious Living Oasis if everyone arrives around the same time, or if preferred, a private shuttle can be arranged for a higher cost. PLEASE ARRIVE TO MANAGUA, NICARAGUA, ON START DAY AROUND NOONTIME, and PLEASE DEPART ON DEPARTURE DAY FROM MANAGUA AIRPORT ANY TIME AFTER 12 NOON. This will ensure a group shuttle (6 people) at approx. $30 per person from airport (3.5 hour drive). *1100.00 US + 17% tax, paid in full, is the price for 6 students (first come, first serve)
GLO has 3 rooms that sleep 2 people each, each room has its own bathroom. The master suite has its own shower, while the other 2 rooms have their own bathroom, but share a large shower.
The tropical GLO Gratitude Palapa is multi-purpose and used for dining, yoga classes, and lectures.
GLO is a semi-private, family style retreat home & wellness centre in the middle of beautiful nowhere. Our healthy vacations are designed to reset and recalibrate the body for more energy while reducing stress and also educating you on a wide variety of health topics. This includes an anti-inflammatory menu, many types of yoga suited to your body and state of mind, meditation, fitness, life coaching, and living in sunny, tropical nature with a great team of professionals who are attentive to your health requirements. (and let’s not forget “puppy therapy”) In the last year GLO has facilitated many private retreats for Digestive Issues, IBS, Chron’s, Quitting Smoking, WeightLoss, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more….or simply a cool spot where you can chill with like-minded people and eat amazing, plant powered, superfood menu (and also learn how to make it!) Everyone always leaves here rejuvenated, inspired, empowered, and filled with funny, adventurous memories (plus Gracious Living Lifestyle Recipe Books).
IHN worked with Grace on pricing. Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreats typically go for around $2000.00. Grace and IHN have developed this experience as part of Co-op for students graduating along with Grace’s outreach to motivate and teach emerging retreat professionals to develop and fearlessly begin to create a work-adventure lifestyle. It’s also a wonderful way to train a new elite group of retreat specialists and share her beautiful new space, Gracious Living Oasis Resort, as a potential retreat facility. The price for the training retreat is significantly lower than Grace’s current retreats but with many of the same offerings. She is very much looking forward to coaching her natural living, nutrition colleagues and future retreat gurus!
Daily Itinerary: 8:00 am Morning Yoga or Beach Yoga Fusion Workout
10:00 am Plant Powered Breakfast
11-12:30 pm Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreat Workshop/Lecture
1pm: Nutritious, vegan lunch
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm Varied activities* on a rotational basis for the students depending on the day and weather i.e. volunteer (gardening) work at Gracious Living Oasis Resort, 1 on 1 sessions, Presentation Practice, Retreat Excursions, Wellness Centre duties
6:30 pm Fresh, tropical, plantbased, raw & vegan, delicious menu Completion of this training will account for all 70 of your required Co-op hours. Connect with Grace: Feel free to email Grace with immediate questions.
Grace’s retreat guest testimonials + celebrity chef testimonial Grace Van Berkum | Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga Instructor & Creator of Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreats
Grace is a plant-powered, detox nutritionist and tropical yoga teacher facilitating empowering & inspiring Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreats in Nicaragua and around the world. Her mission in this lifetime is to spread the message of plant-based nutrition and self-love by teaching people how to eat and live with awareness. Grace received the highest marks of her class from CSNN in 2006. She started off her career doing nutrition consultations and personal training and was the very first nutritionist to ever work in the Good Life Fitness Corporation, where she created the successful 6 week Clean Eating program. After a few years she realized that she had an overwhelming desire to live on a beach and “break up with winter”. So she followed her heart and sold all her stuff and left Canada for the unknown. Not knowing what was going to happen she kept an open mind and attitude and quickly learned to keep trusting her intuition to guide her to business success and happiness. 5 years later, she is now beginning the building of her very own home and retreat centre in beautiful Nicaragua. She is also an ambassador for some of the world’s best superfoods and eco-conscious businesses, like Sunwarrior and others.

December 20, 2020 • GLO Selfcare Center Holiday Specials

In December, GLO is open for drop-in rates. Come for a day, week, or month!

We are open everyday throughout the holidays and want to provide a safe and supportive space for those that want to spend the holidays somewhere healthy and high vibrational.

Let's get healthy, boost immunity, feel better, & reduce stress.

Want to lose weight, get stronger, explore Nicaragua, learn yoga, learn meditation, learn cooking classes, release stress, chill out, become inspired......all of the above?!

Let's create an experience and a program that improves your health and helps you thrive.

We customize the best GLO health experience for you based on your goals, desires, and current health.

Ask us about our GLO Holiday Specials! GLO HO HO HO!

Sept, Oct, Nov. 2020 • GLO Foundational Retreats are 50% OFF all month!

All GLO Foundational Retreats are 50% OFF.
Let's get healthy, boost immunity, feel better, & reduce stress.

Want to lose weight, get stronger, explore Nicaragua, learn yoga, learn meditation, learn cooking classes, release stress, chill out, become inspired......all of the above?!

Let's create an experience and a program that improves your health and helps you thrive.

We customize the best GLO health experience for you based on your goals, desires, and current health.




Gracious Living is the remedy every “body” needs! I have now attended 2 different week-long yoga wellness retreats with Grace in Nicaragua, and also enjoyed a month-long nutrition consultation via Skype. Grace’s retreats not only introduce you to her delicious, healthy, detoxifying foods, but also enable physical and mental rejuvenation and healing. Her retreats are well-organized, personally customized, and attended by other amazing guests who help you enjoy the time and heal! Her nutritional advice is golden. The recipes are easy and delicious, and she teaches you not just about the foods and their preparation, but how to become a healthier eater in the realities of daily life (with holidays, dinner events, and a busy work schedule). Gracious Living transforms me with every trip to Nicaragua and with every bite of food I take! I’m stronger and healthier for it! Thanks Grace!!!


Maryse Bouchard, Orthopedic Surgeon, Sick Kids Hospital Toronto




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